SHYAMAL BAGCHEE (BA Delhi, MA Visvabharati, MA McMaster, PhDYork, FRSA London) is Professor of English and Adjunct Professor of Comparative Studies; he teaches Renaissance poetry, Shakespeare, Romanticism, and 20th century literatures. He is also a widely published poet and translator. Students completing the doctorate under his supervision in recent years have worked on Postmodern American fiction, media and corporate semiosis, and on the painter figure in postcolonial literature. Current supervision includes dissertations on the Marginal and the Mainstream (Margaret Atwood and Evan Boland), reading “engineered spaces,” and on the literary relationship of Henry Miller and Lawrence Durrell. He also serves on doctoral supervisory committees on theses being written in the Department of Comparative Literature. Professor Bagchee’s current research is concerned with questions of nationalism and modernism in postcolonial painting, especially in South Asia and South America. His recent publications have dealt with the works of Blake, Coleridge, T.S.Eliot, Hopkins, Tagore, O’Neill, Nissim Ezekiel, and the painter M.F. Husain; with literary expressions of nationalism in Ireland and India; and with issues relating to Romantic Orientalism, comparative arts, postcolonialism, postmodernism, and historicism. His research often involves problems–in both literary and visual arts–of “form” and interpretation. He has written extensively on 20th century literature and on the relationship between 19th- and 20th-century literature. Professor Bagchee has held research grants from SSHRCC, for literary as well as interdisciplinary projects, and from other academic funding agencies. He is the Founding Editor of Yeats Eliot Review (1976-), and was the President (2001-03) of The T.S. Eliot Society of America—the first non-American citizen to be elected to the position. He was appointed the 11th Eliot Memorial Lecturer in St. Louis, and was awarded the Eliot Centennial Citation by the University of Arkansas.